Here we go… here we go…


I am not a DJ. I have no records. I haven’t bought a CD in years. I depend on college radio for my music listening needs. There is some excellent hip hop on Toronto radio just so long as you know when to listen and what to listen to. I have this down to a science now.

I do like “ear-wax drippin funk” and “bring that beat back Mr. DJ”. I do not like “gansta pimpin sittin on 22s” or “murda hoes murda bitches murda murda murda”. I do like Run DMC, Roxanne Shante, De La Soul, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane. I do not like G-Unit, Juelz Santana, Three Six Mafia, Dipset. I do like emcees and deejays. I do not like rappers and beatmakers.

If you see where I’m going with this, then you’re going to love this site.

I record the radio with my PC. The quality is superb. By “quality”, I mean content. By “quality”, I also mean sound fidelity. I have several dozen hours (somewhere near two hundred) of Toronto hip hop, going back to 2004. I still record about five hours per week. This will be my outlet to share to the world the music I love.


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