The Masterplan Show 2005 03 05


The rapidshare link on this page is ancient, and therefore dead. If you want any of these sets, mail me at fm416.mailbox at gmail and I’ll be happy to repost it when I can. Be sure to tell me which one!

The Masterplan Show is DJ Evstarr, DTS, AK, Deeks. Many others have passed through in the past, but I haven’t heard any of the other names I read on my recordings. These guys are real serious with it. According to this the show has been broadcasting since 1990, making it almost as old as I am. They’re on CIUT 89.5 every Saturday from 8-10PM.

“Names like Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Saukrates, Michie Mee and Maestro were first heard on the Masterplan Show.”

I stumbled upon this radio show just like every other – turned on my radio at the right time and that was that. Here’s my first recording of The Masterplan Show.

Some underground early-mid 90’s on set2 I’ve never heard are really good: check out the Many Faces and Sic Sense tracks.
the_masterplan_show-ciut_89.5fm-2005_03_05-set1.mp3 [ ]

(green denotes my favorite tracks of all time,
red denotes a song I cannot identify – email me if you can)

loose ends – hanging on a string
unknown (break, ?”clear”? ?”tonight”?)
the jungle brothers – what ‘u’ waitin’ 4?
eric b. and rakim – let the rhythm hit ’em
roxanne shante – have a nice day
point blank mcs (the first class) – what the party needs
word of mouth and dj cheese – king kut
the get loose crew – [unknown]
super lover cee and casanova rud – do the james
positive k – night shift
epmd – so wat cha sayin
ed og – i got to have it
cash money & dj chase – ladies can i have your attention

the_masterplan_show-ciut_89.5fm-2005_03_05-set2.mp3 [ ]

ahmad – back in the day
ace and action – together
many faces – i’m hip
sic sense – positional bypass
brand nubian – all for one
special ed – mission
third bass – words of wisdom
eric b & rakim – put your hands together
eric b & rakim – don’t sweat the technique
uptown – dope on plastic
main source – fakin the funk
del the funky homosapien – mistadobalina
double x posse – the pure thing
steady b & krs one – serious (bdp remix)


One Response to “The Masterplan Show 2005 03 05”

  1. pottytoddy Says:

    I just posted a mixtape by The Soul Controllers Aka Power and DTS. These guys were the djs of the masterplan show in the 90’s. The Masterplan show also featured female mc Motion and Jon Bronski.

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