Classick Material 2004-09-19 Sets 1-3


The rapidshare link on this page is ancient, and therefore dead. If you want any of these sets, mail me at fm416.mailbox at gmail and I’ll be happy to repost it when I can. Be sure to tell me which one!

Been a while since I updated, but no bad links in over 30 days! So I guess it’s becoming more popular, and I’ll help by posting a bunch more this week.

Here’s some more Classick Material for your ears.

This first set does a nice job of covering the rap phenomena of the late 80’s. In only 30 minutes it manages to cover the “Roxanne” craze and the “Bridge Wars”. Check out the rarely heard response track to The Bridge is Over by MC Poet. Apparently someone did the research and there is over 100 Roxanne related/response tracks. Crazy. Luckily this one only covers the major hilights of that infamous era.

classick_material-2004_09_19-ciut_89.5fm-set1.mp3 [ ]

fab five freddy – change le beat
utfo – roxanne, roxanne
the real roxanne – the real roxanne
roxanne shante – roxanne’s revenge
mc shan – the bridge
boogie down productions – south bronx
mc poet – beat you down (!!!)
unknown (roxanne related, just a quickie, not many lyrics)
whistle – just buggin
the real roxanne – unknown
the real roxanne – romeo (just the outro skit)

More old school heat on this set. Not much I can say, but it doesn’t get much better than this.

classick_material-2004_09_19-ciut_89.5fm-set2.mp3 [ ]

boogie down productions – my philosophy
jungle brothers – braggin’ and boastin’
mc lyte – cha cha cha
epmd – you’re a customer
biz markie – biz is goin’ off
special ed – ya wish ya could
a tribe called quest – footprints
boogie down productions – essays on bdp-ism

If you’re not convinced that Classick Material is the best hip hop show on radio, how about this next set?

classick_material-2004_09_19-ciut_89.5fm-set3.mp3 [ ]

kool g rap and dj polo – the butcher shop
lord finesse – that’s how smooth i am
big daddy kane – ain’t no half steppin
common – the 6th sense
cocoa brovaz – won on won
gang starr – the question remains
xzibit f/mobb deep – eyes may shine (remix)
mobb deep – hell on earth
ghetto concept – easy on the motion
de la soul f/redman – ooh

Many more Classicks coming soon. Stay tuned.


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