Classick Material 2004 07 18 (Sets 4-6)


EDIT: Thanks to jw for identifying one track. There’s still a bunch more left to identify, and it’s now going on three years I’ve been trying to get that one track. Help me out! fm416 dot mailbox at gmail dot com. -May 13 2007

I decided to split this show up into two segments for a couple of reasons, one, it’s easier for me and for you because things go awry when I post more than one set in one post, and six is out of the question. The real reason is so I can add this preamble and have it make sense: There’s a bunch of tracks in this segment that I really, really would like identified, but one in particular: after MOP and before Hieroglyphics. The Classick Material crew played this track more than once in my recordings but I have never been able to identify it. It is a female MC, sounds like 2000-2004, she doesn’t drop any names or places but somehow I get the impression it’s Canadian content — although I could be totally wrong. Please check out Set 5, around 18:00, give it a listen, and tell me if you’ve heard this track anywhere else! Maybe they know what’s up. I’m in the dark on this one. Here’s some of the bars, perhaps Google may bring some who know what they’re talking about here:

I'm growin every day, mark what I say
I'm tracin a path, from the past to the future
Gotta be my own woman, stand on my own two
Eat food, get paid, despite what others do...
..I got pets, two cats and they act just like kids
When they hungry, they cop fits and them collectors want money
So how I'ma let a stranger up and take that from me
When ??? jerks ain't no friends to me
Could solitude be the remedy?
Nah, I need love in my life, friends by my side
Live stimulation, romantic conversation
Good vibe relations, don't think I'm askin for much but
These things don't just fall out the sky...

Drop me a line if you know who this MC is or anything about the track! One way or another enjoy it, it’s one of the tightest tracks I’ve ever heard. And of course if you can identify any of the “easier” onesany of the elusive ones on Sets 4 and 6, please do.

"Taste what I hate out the bottle,
goes down sweet when I swallow,
though it smells like contradiction..."

[ ]

  • wu-tang clan – triumph
  • eminem f dr dre, snoop dogg, xzibit, nate dogg – bitch please part ii
  • unknown bahamadia – 3 tha hard way (thanks jw)
  • ?? unknown ??(“L.O.G.?” “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…” “I came in the door, said it before, I never let no whore magnetize me no more”..)
  • funkmaster flex f akinyele, sadat x – loud hangover
  • dj honda f sean black – fuk dat
  • michie mee & la luv – on this mic
  • showbiz & ag – soul clap
  • a tribe called quest – can i kick it?

[ ]

  • [talk]
  • [produce section – beat battle – toronto producers – majin el / the rebirth]
  • mop – it’s gonna be murder
  • ?? unknown ??Read ABOVE and please email me if you can identify
  • hieroglyphics f goapele – make your move
  • ?? unknown ??(“It’s been a long time comin for these drug pumpin rappers.. the wait is over here’s the untold truth..”)

[ ]

  • [talk]
  • x-ecutioners – come on
  • jigmastas f mos def, pharoahe monche, talib kweli, shabeem sahdeeq, mr complex – lyrical fluctuation
  • pete rock f kardinal offishall – we good
  • point blank – ???
  • yvette michelle – i’m not feelin you
  • ?? unknown ??“I haven’t seen that look in such a long time (sampled)”
  • ?? unknown ??“for you.. ?? for me.. I thought I’d let ya know… in this game tryin to make moves… ain’t no rules do what we gotta” ??
  • pacewon – i declare war
  • defari – killin’ spree

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