Sound Junction 2006 07 20 PARTIAL


Sound Junction is another one of those shows that I know very little about. DJ Great Scott; but I only know that from Google’ing. It’s on CHRY, York University radio. To put things into perspective, CIUT (UofT) has a transmitter with 15000 watts of power — in good conditions it can reach Buffalo. CHRY’s transmitter is 50 watts, and it just got a “massive” upgrade – tripling it to 158 watts! It’s at 105.5FM, crammed between 105.1, another low power Toronto station, and 105.7, an “easy rock” station in St. Catherine’s, ON, which crushes CHRY with it’s whopping 50,000 watts. They aren’t kidding when they call it ‘campus radio’. Essentially, unless you’re actually at the YorkU campus at Steeles and Keele (at the very fringe of the City of Toronto boundaries), you can’t hear this station at all, only the “bleeding” signal from 105.7. That is, unless you use cable radio! Rogers Cable broadcasts CHRY on 107.9 over coax, as I explain here. It’s still not crystal clear like CIUT and CHRY, even Rogers’ signal is a little fuzzy but it does work well, and imparts a kickass lo-fi feel to this mix here.

Check out King Reign with Happy Endings; and Saukrates with Hate Runs Deep – all Toronto flavour.

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  • rascalz – dreaded fist
  • queen latifah – u.n.i.t.y.
  • king reign – happy endings
  • saukrates – hate runs deep
  • a tribe called quest – jam
  • de la soul f common – the bizness
  • das efx – real hip hop (remix)
  • dj jazzy jeff f baby blak, paul yams – foe da love of da game
  • common – thelonious
  • [talk]

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  2. […] If you remember the last set I posted, Sound Junction is one of those CHRY shows with that lo-fi sound. DJ O aka O-nonymous tears up the […]

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