DJ Law 2004 09 12


EDIT: Thanks to (presumably) DJ Law for filling in the gaps in the playlist! Much appreciated.

I’m ashamed I haven’t posted any DJ Law sets yet. DJ Law, the one remaining DJ from when I listened to Project Bounce in 2004. I still tune into West Coast Wednesdays when I remember it’s on. As much as I love lots of the stuff on Project Bounce, I am a minority in that I don’t like the new club music. So I have to be a little selective. DJ Law plays some nice stuff you’ve never heard but isn’t strictly old school. I learn a bit from him, as Mista Boxx said, tracks don’t have to be old to be classic. But that’s for another post. These tracks are old, and classic. Nothing wrong with that.

These sets are from back in Sept 2004. This is an amazing collection of good obscure early 90s hip hop. With a couple exceptions, I’ve never heard any of these tracks before, and these unknown tracks aren’t exactly Google-popular — help me identify them! They are ill!

Second set I’ve posted this week with Da King & I – Tears. Amazing track, amazing production on that … and a couple tracks to watch out for are Pudgee the Phat Bastard, Raw Fusion, Capital Tax.. many more.

[ ]

  • low profile – funky song
  • pudgee tha phat bastard – checkin’ out the ave.
  • unknown mad kap – whole kit & kaboodle
  • raw fusion – throw your hands in the air
  • akinyele – ak ha ha! ak hoo hoo
  • akinyele – the bomb
  • unknown jvc force – big trax
  • poor righteous teachers – rock dis funky joint
  • ed og – i’m different
  • marley marl f masta ace – the symphony part ii
  • x-clan – grand verbalizer
  • showbiz and ag – fat pockets (remix??)
  • lord finesse – return of the funky man (instru)
  • maestro fresh was – dat’s my nigga!!
  • organized konfusion – stress
  • pete rock & cl smooth – it’s not a game
  • da king & i – flip da script
  • da king & i – tears
  • flavor unit – roll wit tha flava
  • trends of culture – off and on

[ ]

  • ll cool j – pink cookies
  • ice cube – really doe
  • unknown da youngstas – it’z natural (remix)
  • yaggfu front – slappin’ suckas silly
  • capital tax – the masha
  • unknown roughhouse survivor – so survivors we can
  • yall so stupid f uncle buc, h2o, logic – introduce me
  • the almighty rso – one in the chamba
  • kam – peace treaty
  • yo-yo – ibwin’ wit my crewin’

3 Responses to “DJ Law 2004 09 12”

  1. andron_t Says:

    Keep it coming. This is the ill isht.

  2. DJ Law Says:

    Mad Kap..Whole kit and kaboodle
    JVC Force..Big Trax
    Da Youngsta’s..It’z Natural(rmx)
    Roughhouse Survivor..So survivors we can ..

  3. […] the set speaks for itself, but I gotta point out Da King and I’s “Tears”, which as you may know, it’s one of my favorite tracks of all time. So is Diamond Shell’s “Same […]

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