Mixtape Massacre 2006 05 27 (OC Set)



DJ Links, DJ Tactics, and Big Jacks host this show in the legendary CKLN 88.1 1-4PM Saturday timeslot, which has a history going back to the early 80’s. Their mission is to be the only radio show that plays like a mixtape. This set is one of many fine examples of their success.

Here’s a gem – DJ Links puts together an OC set – and we get an interview with the man himself.

[ fm416.postmobills.com ]

  • oc – word life
  • oc – born 2 live
  • mic geronimo f oc – men vs many
  • pete rock f oc – respect mine
  • oc – half good, half sinner
  • ag ft oc, guru – weed scented
  • oc f organized konfusion – war games
  • oc f freddie foxx – m.u.g.
  • oc f pharoahe monche – evaridae
  • oc – your life
  • [talk – oc interview]

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