The Masterplan Show 2006 03 18



DTS and DJ Ev Starr bring us these gems. CIUT 89.5 Saturday nights 8-10PM. “Wallflower” is nice, as are a couple of unknown tracks on the second set. Check em out.

[ ]

  • queen latifah – it’s alright
  • true mathematics – after dark
  • epmd – so wat cha sayin (inst)
  • [talk]
  • run dmc – rock box
  • majestic productions – frontline (vocal control version)
  • redman – blow your mind
  • just-ice – the original gangster of hip hop (remix)
  • schooly d – saturday night
  • lost boyz f canibus, a-plus, redman – beasts from the east
  • john forte – hot
  • jeru the damaja – can’t stop the prophet

[ ]

  • masta ace – don’t understand
  • crooklyn dodgers (chubb rock, oc, jeru the damaja) – return of the crooklyn dodgers
  • [talk]
  • nish rawks/dj serious – frost bite canadian content
  • rampage f busta rhymes – get the money & dip
  • pacewon – i declare war
  • ?? unknown, hook: “Baby, this world is goin crazy, got niggas that’s actin shady” ??
  • jaylib – mcnasty filth
  • casual – that’s how it is
  • grand agent f lord finesse – know the legend
  • ?? unknown (female mc, very nice) ??
  • large professor – spacey
  • royce da 5’9″ – boom
  • dead prez – i’m a african
  • ?? unknown (also bomb) ??
  • critically acclaimed – wallflower
  • ?? unknown (instr) ??

2 Responses to “The Masterplan Show 2006 03 18”

  1. themeth Says:

    (Baby, this world is goin crazy, got niggas that’s actin shady)
    Ghetto Concept – Krazy World

    • fm416 Says:

      Hey man, I bet you don’t remember since it was Nov 2011, but you commented on my blog and identified a track (see below for context). Ghetto Concept, representing Toronto!

      Thanks for contributing! I can’t believe people are still checking out fm416. I haven’t touched the blog since 2008. Unfortunately it looks like my previous benefactor who donated the hosting has finally shut down.

      Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a reincarnation of fm416, I have possibly THOUSANDS of hours of raw Toronto hip hop radio recordings from 2004-2008 just sitting here, collecting dust, ready to be shared with the world. I’m sending this to everyone who’s contribtued, give me a sign there’s interest and I’ll make it happen.

      Peace, JB

      Website: Email:

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