Stylistik Endeavours 2007 01 12



In a word: Unbelievable. DJ Serious kills the first hour, DJ Fase kills the second hour. Nuff said, here’s last Friday’s last show in it’s entirety. Let me know if you can identify anything – , and don’t sleep on Shades of Brooklyn – Change; which I’m seriously beginning to consider to be one of the best tracks of all time.

EDIT: Frankenstein – Peace and Quiet. Crazy. Don’t sleep. Can-con, T-dot, crazy… crazy. Makes me proud.

stylistik_endeavours-2007_01_12-set1.mp3 [ ]

  • [intro]
  • [talk]
  • unknown
    — grand daddy i.u. – don’t stress me
  • maestro fresh wes – certs wid out da retsyn canada-flag.gif
  • o.c. – born 2 live (remix)
  • tha alkaholiks – rockin’ with the best
  • ghostface killah f raekwon – apollo kids
  • smif n wessun f rock – let’s git it on
  • black moon f smif n wessun – headz ain’t ready
  • organized konfusion – invetro
  • camp lo – park joint
  • the beatnuts – superbad
  • the beatnuts – do you believe
  • diamond d – check one, two
  • east flatbush project – tried by 12 (inst)
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2007_01_12-set2.mp3 [ ]

  • group home – up against the wall (remix)
  • ill al skratch – chill with that
  • jay-z – can’t get with that
  • mobb deep – peer pressure (remix)
  • pete rock and cl smooth – what’s next on the menu?
  • rakim – new york (ya out there?)
  • ras kass – soul on ice
  • frankenstein – the rain is gone canada-flag.gif
  • organized konfusion – somehow, someway
  • no i.d. f common, dug infinite – state to state
  • ogc – hurricane starang
  • ?? unknown – masta ace ??
  • lord finesse – s.k.i.t.s. (shorties kaught in the system)
  • ?? unknown – de la soul? biz markie? “Rock it don’t stop it” ??
  • rascalz – really livin’ canada-flag.gif
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2007_01_12-set3.mp3 [ ]

  • stitch seven/other skills (??) – cold world canada-flag.gif
  • ?? unknown (hook: “That’s all I can stands /I can’t stands no mo’/ Feel the rush/ Niggas gettin touched” – sounds like Saukrates??)
  • smif-n-wessun – all about the cash
  • ?? unknown ??
  • shades of brooklyn – change
  • ?? unknown – Kreators??
  • ?? unknown ??
  • group home f brainsick mob – east ny theory
  • kool g rap and dj polo – on the run (remix)
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2007_01_12-set4.mp3 [ ]

  • empire – nowhere canada-flag.gif
  • royal flush – worldwide
  • unknown diamond shell – same ol’ song
  • saukrates – skills ta thrill canada-flag.gif
  • unknown frankenstein – peace & quiet canada-flag.gif
Removing motherfuckers from the surface
And I'll rob your whole land like the Mississippi purchase

People get ill and question if I'm normal
I'm fresh now, but wait til tomorrow
I love it to death this shit called hip hop
Rock on til the break of dawn and don't stop
Shit that I do always comes out roses
That pure blended filtered funk like osmosis
Gotta say peace to my niggas in the east
So my knowledge of self will surely increase

EDIT: Identified the Diamond Shell track. -May 12 2007


One Response to “Stylistik Endeavours 2007 01 12”

  1. DJ Fase Says:

    SICK!!!! Great site man. Luving it! I have a shit load of Stylistik’s recorded if you want more…. FYI I think the DJ order is reversed. It’s me the first hour and Serious the second. This is a really nice episode. Keep it up!
    Join my Facebook Group “DJ FASE EVENTS”
    Got some Live Sets of mine from clubs available for download on there.

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