DJ Law 2006 03 16 (West Coast Wednesday)


Here’s a little snippet of DJ Law’s weekly west coast Wednesday show I recorded last year, and has been collecting.. ‘dust’. I’m particularly feeling Rappin 4-Tay (just in case you never heard of Rappin 4-Tay [he’s] on the smooth tip), “My Summer Vacation”, and “Tonite”.

dj_law-2006_03_16-west_coast_wednesday_partial.mp3 [ ]

  • king tee – black togetha again
  • kam – y’all don’t hear me dough
  • rappin 4-tay – playaz club
  • ?? unknown (g-funk, “rollin with my black nina ross on the side of me, can’t step to the east”)
  • 2pac, buju banton, dramacydal, notorious b.i.g., stretch – runnin’
  • paris – one time fo’ ya mind
  • mc ren – final frontier
  • westside connection – bow down
  • ice cube – my summer vacation
  • dj quik – tonite
  • ice cube – jackin for beats

One Response to “DJ Law 2006 03 16 (West Coast Wednesday)”

  1. pottytoddy Says:

    Is this the same set as the one I posted? I’d like to hear the sound quality of your recording as alot of mine are so-so. Static and tape hiss can make some shit sound better for me but your digital cable recordings are nice to listen to in my office. In the car though its tapes all the time. Dolby noise reduction turned off, volume cranked! My bitch thinks it sound terrible but the backhand I gave her yesterday should eliminate any more complaining about sound quality.

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