Nuff Blending Showcase 2007 06 26


I stumbled upon this one last week. Quite a different sound for me, I like it. I was shocked to hear anything like it on the radio. You may like it, it’s not the normal sound. I’m not familiar with the turntablism scene so forgive me. Take it or leave it. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Nuff Blending Showcase: “A weekly open concept drum’n’bass & hip-hop radio show, often using up to 4 turntables and 2 mixers to blend totally different styles of music together and create something new. Hosts Galaxy & Jayzer take you on a musical adventure each and every week, bringing you the sounds of Toronto’s underground occasionally laced with the very best of reggae/retro/electro/techno/downtempo & funk.”.

At first I thought it was unplaylistable. I assumed they were doing the mixing live at the station but seeing the playlist I think they were playing prerecorded mixes, or maybe a little of both. No worries, it’s still one of the biggest pleasures I’ve ever had from the radio.

The cuts are arbitrary (I have to cut it to be able to digest it on my crappy iPod Shuffle easier, there’s no seeking) so I’m not sure I broke some of the sets in half. So this will be different than usual – first the four links then the playlist. Playlist courtesy CKLN.

Bitch, it's curtains

nuff_blendin_showcase-2007_06_26-set1.mp3 [ ]

nuff_blendin_showcase-2007_06_26-set2.mp3 [ ]

nuff_blendin_showcase-2007_06_26-set3.mp3 [ ]

nuff_blendin_showcase-2007_06_26-set4.mp3 [ ]

nuff_blendin_showcase-2007_06_26-set5.mp3 [ ]

  • peanut butter wolf & the beat junkies – they don’t fall down
  • dj radar – antimatter
  • space travellers – buggin’ out
  • mix master mike – audio mess
  • radar & z-trip – private parts
  • djs js-1 & spinbad – itchy vinyl session pt ii: babylon 5
  • kid koala – radio nufonia
  • kid koala – tricks ‘n’ treats
  • dj vadim & mark b – the breaks
  • invisibl skratch piklz – klams uv death
  • kid koala – stompin at le savoi
  • ingrid de lambre & eddie def – poeisies, scene 1 le blues
  • dj format – vinyl overdose
  • kid koala – bar hopper 1
  • x-ecutioners – turntablist anthem
  • dj godfather – on da flex
  • kid koala – taboo soda
  • peanut butter wolf – tale of five cities
  • the herbalizer – the blend (peanut butter wolf remix)
  • dj a-trak – umbilical chord

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