Stylistik Endeavours 2006 05 26


Stylistik from May of last year. I noticed I’m spelling ‘en-deav-ours’ the Canadian way, but it’s supposed to be spelled the American way ‘en-deav-ors’. Oh well. Check out “Uptown Shit” and “Wake Me When I’m Dead”. I’ve heard it a million times but Large Pro’s verse on “Stress” is nice. Let me know if you can identify the unknown, fm416.mailbox at gmail dot com.

So homeboy, you better off comin from the heart
And lettin the kids put your records on the chart

stylistik_endeavours-2006_05_26-partial-set1.mp3 [ ]

  • slick rick – sittin’ in my car
  • masta ace – wake me when i’m dead
  • masta ace – saturday nite live
  • craig g – take the bait
  • a tribe called quest – mr. muhammad
  • ?? unknown ?? (hook: “Dah dah dah day, dah dah dah dah dah day”)
  • organized konfusion – stress
  • pete rock and cl smooth – what’s next on the menu?
  • yz – the ghetto’s been good to me
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2006_05_26-partial-set2.mp3 [ ]

  • kurious – uptown shit
  • j-rock – the messiah
  • big l – no endz no skinz
  • 3rd bass – ace in the hole
  • brand nubian – concerto in x minor
  • diamond d – stunts, blunts & hip-hop
  • ghostface killah – the champ
  • lupe fiasco – kick push
  • strange fruit project – soul clap
  • [talk]

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