The Masterplan Show 2006 03 31


EDIT: Found the name of the Kardinal track thanks to DJ O.S.U.M. -Dec 29 2007

Here’s a Masterplan set for y’all. Missed the beginning. The Kardinal track gets heavy rotation on all the Toronto shows but I never could find out what it was called.

the_masterplan_show-2006_03_31-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • beastie boys – beastie groove
  • divine styler – ain’t sayin nothin
  • [talk]
  • big daddy kane – long live the kane
  • gangstarr – manifest
  • kardinal offishall – unknown naughty dread (thanks o.s.u.m.)
  • poor righteous teachers – rock dis funky joint
  • jvc force – big trax
  • d.i.t.c. – internationally known

3 Responses to “The Masterplan Show 2006 03 31”

  1. o.s.u.m Says:

    dude, that Kardi track is Naughty Dread. It was off the Rap Essentials Vol1

  2. fm416 Says:

    Thanks osum. Forgive my ignorance of toronto rap :)

  3. […] Here are three dope sets. (On another note, thanks to o.s.u.m. for identifiying a Kardinal track on another set.) For set 2, he spins some conscious/social tracks in light of Black Music Month. The Akir track […]

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