classicradiorips (416 – before the bloods and crips)


416 – before the bloods and crips

I just noticed this new website is linking to me, and I have to say I’m very happy about it. This site has some older Toronto hip hop recordings, 90s and early 2000s. I really only started listening to Toronto hip hop radio in 2003 so all of these shows are new to me! Right now he’s got Powermove Show, Circle Research (they were on Project Bounce??!), and two Team Bravo 180 Show. I’m listening to one of those — march 12 2001 project bounce.mp3 — now.

Big respect to pottytoddy for starting the site! I know there’s more people out there with far deeper ‘crates’ than me. Hopefully more of them come out of the woodwork. If any of you are out there and just don’t know how to convert from tape to mp3, or just need someone to bug you, LET ME KNOW. Email me: fm416 dot mailbox at gmail.

Check it out at


One Response to “classicradiorips (416 – before the bloods and crips)”

  1. pottytoddy Says:

    Thanks for the love. The site is still new, I give very little information mainly cause I hate typing. Tracklists will be provided when you provide me with a transcriber. If I took the time to rip it from tape best belive every post is gonna be the shit

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