DJ Law 2006 07 11 (or: RIP Project Bounce)



DJ Law is the shit. That’s all I can say.

Unfortunately Project Bounce has been taken off the air effective December 2007. Sure, I wasn’t listening to it every night or anything, but this is almost as sad as when Classick Material got cancelled, just more abrupt. I mean, shit, how will I get my DJ Law fix!?!

For the time being anyways that’s no problem because I’ve got a couple more sets to post. I’ll try to throw up all the Project Bounce related stuff I can in upcoming posts as tribute to this legendary Toronto hip hop institution.

Oh yeah, DJ Law is the shit.

Some people use the word funky too loosely
And just how many rappers said they kick it like Bruce Lee

dj_law-2006_07_11-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • ?? unknown – marley marl (“When he’s on the mix you should get involved”)
  • masta ace – the symphony part ii
  • masta ace incorporated – saturday nite live
  • fat joe – watch the sound
  • kool g rap and dj polo – on the run
  • ll cool j – pink cookies
  • leaders of the new school – sobb story
  • mobb deep – flavor for the non believes
  • king tee f alkaholiks – got it bad y’all
  • maestro fresh wes – certs wid out da retsyn (remix) canada-flag.gif
  • warren g – summertime in the lbc
  • lords of the underground – here come the lords
  • kmd – what a niggy know?
  • cypress hill – hits from the bong

One Response to “DJ Law 2006 07 11 (or: RIP Project Bounce)”

  1. Steve Says:

    Man that sucks, I loved listening to project bounce. Although I rarely got to hear since I wasn’t up after 12 very often.

    Do you know where the DJ Law is playing now?

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