DJ Law 2006 12 18 Cancon


DJ Law drops this set which is mostly Canadian content. Ghetto Concept going back to ’92, Frankenstein to ’95.. these are some real classic Toronto hip hop tracks. And, to top it all off, we even get “Kish – Crates to Concrete” — a track I never thought I’d hear again. I don’t know whether the two unknowns are Toronto rap but it wouldn’t surprise me.

dj_law-2006_12_18-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • m.o.p. – cold as ice
  • kardinal offishall – naughty dread canada-flag.gif
  • rascalz – dreaded fist canada-flag.gif
  • saukrates – still caught up canada-flag.gif
  • graphidi logik – can i get a yo canada-flag.gif
  • ?? unknown (“Gotta get over”, 93)
  • dr. frankenstein – frankenstein’s pain canada-flag.gif
  • ghetto concept – certified canada-flag.gif
  • kish – crates to concrete canada-flag.gif (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?)
  • ?? unknown (“Everybody wants to be like Cindy”)

3 Responses to “DJ Law 2006 12 18 Cancon”

  1. pottytoddy Says:

    Does anyone have the Citizen Kane track eavesdropping? I could be wrong it may not be citizen kane… dope never the less. Shed some light people….

  2. Dallas Shipping Crates Says:

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  3. tomi Says:

    I really wanna know which track is — ?? unknown (“Gotta get over”, 93) — It’s my top 10 hiphops ever

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