Sound Junction 2007 06 28


If you remember the last set I posted, Sound Junction is one of those CHRY shows with that lo-fi sound. DJ O aka O-nonymous tears up the tables with set of oldschool hip hop. Check out the Sound Junction myspace. This marks the last SJ set I have, but damn I gotta start recording them more often. You can check them out Thursday (technically Friday) nights from 12-2AM on CHRY 105.5FM if you live in the York U area, or channel 945 on Rogers digital.

sound_junction-2007_06_28-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • tash f q-tip, mos def – body rock (inst)
  • buckshot, masta ace, special ed – crooklyn
  • crooklyn dodgers – return of the crooklyn dodgers
  • group therapy – east coast/west coast killas
  • grand puba – what goes around
  • big daddy kane – raw
  • big daddy kane – ain’t no half steppin’
  • de la soul f native tongues – buddy (remix)
  • mc lyte – stop, look, listen
  • ?? unknown (choclair, saukrates) canada-flag.gif
  • [talk]

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