Stylistik Endeavours 2007 08 24


Download set2

More Stylistik Endeavours, this set mixed by DJ Serious. Featuring a little freestyle by Toronto rapper T-West, which is probably the first time I’ve been really impressed by a live radio freestyle. The first two tracks are Toronto content — Zig Zag Man is a dope blunt-smoking track (the Dave Chappelle sample kicks ass), and Nish Rawks is totally slept on Toronto rap: On The Rawks is dope dope dope. The rest of the set speaks for itself, but I gotta point out Da King and I’s “Tears”, which as you may know, it’s one of my favorite tracks of all time. So is Diamond Shell’s “Same Ol’ Song”. Listen up!

Two Century Sams, siamese roll em massively
Amateurs take two pulls, get the munchies and have to eat
Puff that black ? in that Backwood and they’ll be fast asleep
Like Dave Chappelle you make me laugh, I smoke for half as cheap
Cause when you passed you dropped your stash, now it’s mine to keep

I never rap for girls if they ask me
It’s tacky, like callin a Guaynese dude a papi
It’s wrong, like callin Nish Rawks a chink
So act like Stephen Hawkings, you just sit there and think

stylistik_endeavours-2007_08_24-partial-set2.mp3 [ ]

  • grimace love f dj dopey – zig zag man canada-flag.gif
  • nish rawks – on the rawks canada-flag.gif
  • boogie down productions – the bridge is over
  • biz markie – the funk is back
  • diamond shell – same ol’ song
  • 3rd bass – derelicts of dialect
  • da king and i – tears
  • nas – new york state of mind
  • mobb deep – still shinin’
  • xzibit – eyes may shine
  • [talk]
  • t-west – stylistik freestyle canada-flag.gif

The starter pistol’ll make you dudes sprint
Cause I’m the “Toronto Star” without the newsprint

My boys ripped me and they dissed me every chance they had
They said “If Shell’s talkin to her the booty can’t be that bad”
Then they’d laugh among themselves and just continue to bug
As I thought to myself those poor narrow minded thugs
To talk about the girl the way they did
Made me think that they was nothing but childish kids


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