Stylistik Endeavors 2008 02 08



Respects to the whole Stylistik crew.. Fase, Serious, Theo3 and Planet Pea. This is last Friday’s episode.. DJ Serious back from his west coast tour drops some sick Rascalz tracks, and Fase blazes up the second hour with dope hip hop as usual. I really can’t do this show justice, just listen!

New feature: The listen button! Just click and all 4 sets should load up in your mp3 player instantly, no waiting. Streaming dopeness.. and of course you can still download for ipod goodness below:


stylistik_endeavours-2008_02_08-set1.mp3 [ download ]

  • krs-one – krs-one attacks
  • krs-one – i can’t wake up
  • king just – warrior’s drum
  • ?? unknown, sick (hook samples Lord Finesse “mystical musical I might confuse a few”)
  • das efx – east coast
  • da king and i – flip the script
  • gangstarr – flip the script
  • cookie crew – a word to the conscious
  • j-rock – the messiah
  • ?? unknown (“I’m at large”)
  • da youngstas – ?? no more hard times ??
  • az the visualiza – hoe happy jackie
  • guru – no time to play
  • ?? unknown (cl smooth, raisin’?)
  • dj krush f the roots – meiso
  • ultramagnetic mcs – two brothers with checks (san francisco, harvey)
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2008_02_08-set2.mp3 [ download ]

  • grand puba – check tha resume
  • brand nubian f starr – everything is everything
  • tha alkaholiks – likwidation
  • bas blasta f beatnuts – ain’t watcha do
  • swv f wu-tang clan – anything (old skool radio version)
  • diamond d and the psychotic neurotics – best kept secret
  • smoothe da hustler f trigga the gambler – broken language
  • keith murray – get lifted
  • saukrates – hate runs deep canada-flag.gif
  • concrete mob – boiling point canada-flag.gif
  • citizen kane – monopoly money canada-flag.gif
  • ?? unknown (hook: “This is for my peeps, WE ROLL DEEP”)
  • rascalz – temptation canada-flag.gif
  • rascalz f checkmate, flipout – clockwork canada-flag.gif

stylistik_endeavours-2008_02_08-set3.mp3 [ download ]

  • raekwon the chef f ghostface killah, blue raspberry – heaven & hell
  • jay-z – can i live
  • krs-one – uh oh
  • scarface – i seen a man die
  • rakim – the 18th letter (always and forever)
  • artifacts f lord finesse, lord jamar – collaboration of mics
  • the beatnuts – rik’s joint
  • outkast f goodie mob – git up, git out
  • king tee – you can’t see me
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2008_02_08-set4.mp3 [ download ]

  • big daddy kane – another victory
  • 3rd bass – the cactus
  • jungle brothers f de la soul, q-tip, monie love – doin’ our own dang
  • jvc force – doin’ damage
  • kool g rap and dj polo – men at work
  • ultramagnetic mcs – give the drummer some
  • dismaster crew – small time hustler
  • ?? unknown (80s, hook: “make that move”)
  • [talk]
  • percee p & ekim – lung collapsing lyrics
  • organized konfusion – releasing hypnotical gases

7 Responses to “Stylistik Endeavors 2008 02 08”

  1. DJ Fase Says:

    The 1st “unknown track” is Mysterme & DJ 20/20 “Unsolved Mysterme”
    On the tip of my tongue, but I can’t recall the second “unknown track”
    Your right about CL and ‘Raisin’ not sure where it’s from?
    The fourth “unknown track” is a group called Cipher, Canadian, Ottawa I think? song is called “Peeps” the video got major play on Rap City mid 90’s
    The last “unknown track” is Three Times Dope “Make Dat Move”
    Thanks for posting and putting on the wall of my facebook group.

  2. Jahsteez Says:

    Wassup! Big Thanx u 4 postin’ ol dat Real hip-hop, I’m a Huge fan of ol dat true skool stuff. Selektion is rough, mixin’ style is quite nice too. U guys make good work 4 ol hip-hop fans out there. Respect! Big Up from Russian b’boys!

  3. Da LOCKSMITH Says:

    Thank god you guys allow downloads. I stumbled on your site one night and have been hooked ever since. My top 2 favorite hip hop music sources. SE and Kansas Citys KJHK breakfast for beat lovers. Long live college radio. When I blow up I am going to fund your website. whatever you need. Chicago feels you.

  4. The Boy Wonder Says:

    Need Some Help
    Anyone know the name and artist of this hip hop classic, been looking for it for a very long minute.

    ?? unknown, sick (hook samples Lord Finesse “mystical musical I might confuse a few”)

    Thanks to anyone that can help
    Peace Be Upon You

  5. oinedes Says:

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    thanks everybody

  6. i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions-*”

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