Stylistik Endeavours 2006 12 08


More old school ish from Stylistik. set 3 has some tracks from Nas’ 2006 album which shall remain nameless. “Who Killed It” is kinda cool, I was living under a rock in 2006 (still am) so I had no idea it was Nas. Fitting the theme is the unknown on set 2 (“I just heard somebody say that hip hop died a long time ago/but that ain’t so”) — it is sick, who is it?

EDIT (July 24 2008): That track is Skillz, damn son. There’s some rappers that throw me off with their voice, always the same two or three rappers when I say “wow this is dope who is this?” O.C. is like that too.


stylistik_endeavours-2006_12_08-partial-set2.mp3 [ download ]

  • intelligent hoodlum – game type
  • finesse & synquis – i can do better
  • antoinette – hit ’em with this
  • ?? unknown (j.v.c. force)
  • bizzie boys – for those who slept
  • double xx posse – executive class
  • charizma & peanut butter wolf – my world premiere
  • kid ‘n’ play – last night
  • mantronix – needle to the groove
  • ?? unknown (“I’m outta control”)
  • ll cool j – rock the bells (original)
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2006_12_08-partial-set3.mp3 [ download ]

  • pete rock f masta killa, raekwon – the pj’s
  • nas – money over bullshit
  • nas – carry on tradition
  • nas – where are they now
  • nas f kanye west – still dreaming
  • nas – who killed it?
  • hi-tek f dion, talib kweli – let it go
  • ?? unknown (“I just heard somebody say that hip-hop died a long time ago, but that ain’t so” — DOPE!) skillz – hip hop died a long time ago
  • boot camp clik – soul jah
  • ?? unknown
  • tragedy khadafi f large professor, havoc – funkmode
  • o.c. – point o’ viewz

stylistik_endeavours-2006_12_08-partial-set4.mp3 [ download ]

  • epmd – boon dox
  • grand puba – check tha resume
  • main source – snake eyes
  • x-clan – grand verbalizer
  • diamond d and the psychotic neurotics – best kept secret
  • x-clan – cosmic ark
  • showbiz & a.g. – hold ya head
  • king tee – dippin’
  • ultramagnetic m.c.’s – raise it up
  • [talk]
  • natural resource – they lied

They want me and my raps on the back of the bus
Man these corporate motherfuckers don’t care about us
So for every b-boy, and every b-girl
Our music our culture but its changing their world
We make it, and they come and steal it
How you gonna deal with hip hop and never feel it?
They say that it’s dyin but I don’t believe it
Or maybe I’m just too damn blind to see it

Hip hop dead? Say it aint so, but I’m sure plenty of people heard that phrase before
Can you imagine Chuck Berry being told, that nobody would understand rock and roll?
Or Billie Holiday, with a pen and a pad, and somebody sayin, your music is just too sad
Or the cat who gave James Brown his first advance, sayin stick to singin, you don’t need to dance


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