Stylistik Endeavours 2008 04 25



Nothing more to say about Stylistik, just peep it.


stylistik_endeavours-2008_04_25-set1.mp3 [ download ]

  • black moon and smif-n-wessun – black smif-n-wessun
  • diamond and the psychotic neurotics – check one two
  • east flatbush project – tried by 12
  • frankenstein – agony and ecstacy canada-flag.gif
  • gang starr – tonz o’ gunz
  • eric b and rakim – in the ghetto
  • epmd – cummin’ at cha
  • digable planets – 9th wonder
  • de la soul – wonce again long island
  • casual f del – a little something
  • ?? unknown (“The only thing on my mind is taxin”)
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2008_04_25-set2.mp3 [ download ]

  • ?? unknown (instr)
  • a tribe called quest – glamour and glitz
  • tha alkaholiks f phil da agony – rockin’ with the best
  • tha alkaholiks f lootpack – wlix
  • the roots – respond/react
  • redlife f saukrates – yagga yaw yaw canada-flag.gif
  • saukrates f xzibit – keep it movin’ canada-flag.gif
  • theology 3 – ? canada-flag.gif (hook sampled: “Most are non realistic”)
  • wio-k – footloose canada-flag.gif
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2008_04_25-set3.mp3 [ download ]

  • [breaks]
  • [talk]

stylistik_endeavours-2008_04_25-set4.mp3 [ download ]

  • gangstarr – eulogy
  • ice cube – dead homiez
  • ?? unknown
  • pete rock and cl smooth – they reminisce over you (t.r.o.y.)
  • queen latifah – u.n.i.t.y.
  • the roots – mellow my man
  • outkast f big rube – 13th floor/growing old
  • ill al skratch – where my homiez? (come around my way)
  • common f bilal – nag champa (afrodisiac for the world)
  • [breaks]

2 Responses to “Stylistik Endeavours 2008 04 25”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Interesting you should mention “The only thing on my mind is taxin'” as I found a white label 12″ single at a record shop in Minneapolis years ago with “Hobo Taxin” scrawled on it and nothing else. I had no idea as to the artist, but some research recently uncovered it’s a track called “Taxin” by Whoridas. Keep hip-hop alive and well my friend!

    • fm416 Says:

      Hey Chuck, thanks for contributing!

      I can’t believe people are still checking out fm416. I haven’t touched the blog since 2008. Unfortunately it looks like my previous benefactor who donated the hosting has finally shut down.

      Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a reincarnation of fm416, I have possibly THOUSANDS of hours of raw Toronto hip hop radio recordings from 2004-2008 just sitting here, collecting dust, ready to be shared with the world. I’m sending this to everyone who’s contributed, give me a sign there’s even a bit of interest and I’ll make it happen.

      Peace, JB

      Website: Email:

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