Classick Material 2004 06 01



This one started it all for me.. this is the earliest recording I have – June 1 2004.

Every Sunday I stayed up to listen to classick material, the best hip hop show on radio. I only recorded it for 4 months before they suddenly stopped broadcasting. The demise of classick material led me to dig for more shows.. before long I was recording just about every show in the city.

Bozack Morris said Toronto has some “world class hip hop shows”. Classick Material was one of them, no doubt. I promise to have all 12 classick material recordings up by the end of 2008. So check out the classick material archive for a few others. Every hip hop fan needs to hear these.

Note this one got cut short somehow. Only the first hour was recorded.


classick_material-2004_06_01-set1.mp3 [ download ]

  • [intro]
  • [talk]
  • super lover cee and casanova rud – super casanova
  • roxanne shante – go on girl
  • public enemy – welcome to the terrordome
  • the umcs – one to grow on
  • leaders of the new school – the international zone coaster
  • black by demand – dearly beloved
  • tragedy the intelligent hoodlum – black and proud
  • the alliance – get on down (dope!!)
  • ultramagnetic mc’s – kool keith housing things
  • big daddy kane – wrath of kane

classick_material-2004_06_01-set2.mp3 [ download ]

  • [talk (long)]
  • funkdoobiest – rock on
  • ed o.g. & da bulldogs – be a father to your child
  • krs-one – a friend
  • reflection eternal f mos def, mr. man – fortified live
  • no id – two steps behind

3 Responses to “Classick Material 2004 06 01”

  1. Q Ball Says:

    Here is some classic material for you. This one is dedicated to all the true school Hip Hop heads.

    dope mp3 by the way.

  2. ellie Says:

    Old school is still cool! Love the music and I love the video too!

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