The rapidshare link on this page is ancient, and therefore dead. If you want any of these sets, mail me at fm416.mailbox at gmail and I’ll be happy to repost it when I can. Be sure to tell me which one!

Michie Mee is from Toronto, no American clone.

Once I told one of my female friends "there are no good female rappers". Of course I had to correct myself and say "I've never heard any good female rappers". Basically, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Luckily I was put in check a few years later and I discovered emcees like Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, Michie Mee, Da Brat, Rah Diggah, Lauryn Hill, etc. Check out Droppin Dimez – an interesting concept – a totally female powered hip hop show. Brought to us by DJ Mel Boogie, JJ Rock, Big G and Lindsay Bess. They tend to play party-club-dance music more than I like, but every once in a while they drop an amazing set like this one. They were celebrating International Women's Day with some old school flavour. 

CKLN's description:

"Drop; to put down (as in to put down phat tracks and feed them to you aurally). Dime; 1) A ten cent piece. 2) A Perfect 10. This refers to the show, the beats, the flave and on ocassion the dimes that host and DJ the show. Droppin Dimes; CKLN's fully female crew with a conscious/alternative twist on hip hop and then some."

I missed most of the set, as luck would have it, but here's the part I was able to salvage.

droppin_dimez-2006_03_07-ckln_88.1fm-partial-female_mcs_set.mp3 [ ]

playlist (green denotes my favourite tracks of all time)

[beginning of 'go on girl' cut off – recorded show in progress]
roxanne shante – go on girl
mc lyte – paper thin

stop the violence movement (read: mc lyte) – self destruction
mc lyte f michie mee (!!!) – victory is calling
paula perry – paula's jam
lin que – let it fall
queen latifah – u.n.i.t.y.
[talk] over heltah skeltah – lafleur, leflah, eshkoshka