This is the only other Mista Boxx solo show I have. As far as I know these are the only two, and seems this is the last time any of the classick material crew rocked on project bounce. Two hours no talking. Check it.


mista_boxx-2004_11_08-set_1.mp3 [ download ]

  • d.i.t.c. – day one
  • big punisher – i’m not a player
  • a tribe called quest – it’s yours
  • mary j. blige f smif-n-wessun – i love you (remix)
  • raekwon the chef f ghostface killah, u-god – knuckleheadz
  • mobb deep – still shinin’
  • ?? unknown (reggae)
  • tracy chapman – baby can i hold you
  • alchemist f lloyd banks – bangers
  • low profile – funky song
  • m.o.p. – ante up

mista_boxx-2004_11_08-set_2.mp3 [ download ]

  • saukrates – action canada-flag.gif
  • saukrates – something 4 da streets canada-flag.gif
  • jay-z – lucifer
  • notorious b.i.g. – one more chance (remix)
  • gangstarr – zonin’
  • slum village f dilla – reunion
  • jay-z f cedric the entertainer – threat
  • tony touch f wu-tang clan – rock steady
  • ?? unknown (MOP “minds playin tricks on me”/”iron and two clips on me”)
  • nas – i can
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth – appreciate

mista_boxx-2004_11_08-set_3.mp3 [ download ]

  • az f cl smooth – magic hour
  • rascalz – soul obligation canada-flag.gif
  • hieroglyphics f goapele – make your move
  • onyx – last dayz
  • diamond f john doe – when it pours it rains (extended version)
  • infinite f divine brown – gotta get mine canada-flag.gif
  • kev brown – always
  • scritti politti f mos def – tinseltown to the boogiedown
  • pete rock and cl smooth – da two
  • pete rock f j-dilla – niggaz know
  • slum village – keep holding on
  • royce da 5’9″ – hip hop

mista_boxx-2004_11_08-set_4.mp3 [ download ]

  • shaq f rza, method man – no hooks
  • raekwon the chef f nas, ghostface killah – verbal intercourse
  • nas f havoc – the set up
  • capone-n-noreaga – bloody money
  • ?? unknown – oldschool–dope! “Shorty stepped off, went where he had to go/ Came up and creeped behind some buildins real slow/ He was about to make his move then he heard a sound/ Ssh.. put the gun down /So he did, turned around, saw the kid he was rippin with/ Thought to his self, ‘aw shit’/ That was the end of his wanna-be gangsta dreams /Shorty died at fourteen”
  • beatnuts – world famous
  • de la soul – this is a recording for living in a full time era (l.i.f.e.)
  • de la soul – i am i be
  • diana ross – baby it’s me

After Classick Material stopped broadcasting in October 2004, host Mista Boxx ran a short lived segment on Project Bounce. I have two “Mista Boxx” shows, this one and next week. They never ran again as far as I know. I think there was one ‘classick material’ reunion in 2005 but I never heard it. If anyone has any more classick material recordings on tape, give em up! My boy todd over at classicradiorips has one from way back in 2002 – check it out here.

No talking on this one, since Mista Boxx does it solo. Interesting to hear Boxx’s selections without his co-DJs. Something I always loved about this hip hop radio thing is each DJ has their own unique personality that you can feel through their music. Check Rhyme Mania ’99 — its up there on my list of my favorite tracks of all time. Also the last unknown track on set 4 (“never play the front line/ I be deep in the cut”) – let me know if you know what that’s called, sick track.


mista_boxx_2004nov01_set1.mp3 [ download ]

  • blackstreet f jay-z – call me (hip hop mix)
  • pete rock f inspectah deck, kurupt – tru master
  • hieroglyphics f goapele – make your move
  • mos def f scritti politti – tinseltown to the boogiedown
  • saukrates f masta ace, o.c. – rollin’ canada-flag.gif
  • kardinal offishall – ol’ time killin’ canada-flag.gif
  • cocoa brovaz – extreme situation
  • tony touch f pete rock, large professor, masta ace – out da box
  • kev brown – always
  • large professor f neek the exotic, masta ace – rhyme mania ’99 *LARGE*
  • large professor f chris lowe – ct to ny (uncut action)

mista_boxx_2004nov01_set2.mp3 [ download ]

  • ?? m.o.p. – ?? unknown ?? (Geto Boys beat, “I got my iron and two clips on me”)
  • rottin razkals – oh yeah
  • redman – what u lookin’ 4
  • mobb deep – temperature’s rising (remix)
  • slum village – fall in love
  • ?? unknown (jaydee, detroit, “You are my destiny” hook)
  • gangstarr – skillz
  • ?? unknown (“Niggas forget so soon they life lessons/ They wanna count they money instead of they fuckin blessins” – “These days and times” hook)
  • ?? unknown
  • saukrates – somethin 4 da streets canada-flag.gif
  • black star f common – respiration
  • ?? kev brown, grap luva – ?? unknown (struggla’s theme) ??
  • ?? unknown (instrumental)

mista_boxx_2004nov01_set3.mp3 [ download ]

  • pmd – shade business
  • eminem f dr. dre – guilty conscience
  • n.w.a. – always into something
  • ?? unknown ??
  • roxanne shante – runaway
  • the 45 king – the king is here
  • ?? unknown (oldschool, “Lookin at my gucci” sampled hook)
  • run-d.m.c – how’d ya do it dee
  • special ed – ready 2 attack
  • jaz f jay-z – hawaiian sophie
  • ?? unknown (“You in the jamboree y’all can jam for free”)
  • sir menelik f grand puba, sadat x – 7xl

mista_boxx_2004nov01_set4.mp3 [ download ]

  • jurassic 5 – contact
  • jurassic 5 – swing
  • showbiz & a.g. – he say, she say
  • mobb deep – still shinin’
  • nas – we will survive
  • ghostface killah f raekwon – daytona 500
  • ?? unknown (tight, sampled hook: “Never play the front line/ I be deep in the cut”; “Can’t leave rap alone the game needs me”)
  • point blank – ? canada-flag.gif
  • m.o.p. – ante up

DJ Law drops this set which is mostly Canadian content. Ghetto Concept going back to ’92, Frankenstein to ’95.. these are some real classic Toronto hip hop tracks. And, to top it all off, we even get “Kish – Crates to Concrete” — a track I never thought I’d hear again. I don’t know whether the two unknowns are Toronto rap but it wouldn’t surprise me.

dj_law-2006_12_18-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • m.o.p. – cold as ice
  • kardinal offishall – naughty dread canada-flag.gif
  • rascalz – dreaded fist canada-flag.gif
  • saukrates – still caught up canada-flag.gif
  • graphidi logik – can i get a yo canada-flag.gif
  • ?? unknown (“Gotta get over”, 93)
  • dr. frankenstein – frankenstein’s pain canada-flag.gif
  • ghetto concept – certified canada-flag.gif
  • kish – crates to concrete canada-flag.gif (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?)
  • ?? unknown (“Everybody wants to be like Cindy”)

DJ Mensa (myspace here) was a staple DJ on the recently cancelled Project Bounce. His style is upbeat: lots of music for the ladies and the homies alike, striking a balance between dance music and the real hiphop for the heads. Check out this mix, which is really two mixes: a bunch of dope 80s/90s tracks, and then a 2Pac segment.

dj_mensa-2007_05_14-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • tha alkaholiks – daaam!
  • ed o.g. & da bulldogs – i got to have it
  • epmd – brothers from brentwood l.i.
  • special ed – mission
  • special ed – i’m the magnificent
  • nwa – express yourself
  • arrested development – tennessee
  • showbiz & a.g. – soul clap
  • a tribe called quest – mr. muhammad
  • diamond and the psychotic neurotics – fuck what you heard
  • ultramagnetic mcs – ced gee (delta force one)
  • eric b and rakim – don’t sweat the technique
  • tha alkaholiks – only when i’m drunk
  • 2pac – keep ya head up
  • 2pac – life goes on
  • 2pac – dear mama
  • 2pac f danny boy – i ain’t mad at cha
  • makaveli (2pac) f val young – to live & die in l.a.
  • 2pac – temptations
  • 2pac – so many tears
  • 2pac – me against the world
  • 2pac f money b, shock g – i get around
  • makaveli (2pac) – me and my girlfriend
  • 2pac f cpo, danny boy, syke – picture me rollin’
  • 2pac f stretch – god bless the dead
  • makaveli (2pac) f prince ital – blasphemy


DJ Law is the shit. That’s all I can say.

Unfortunately Project Bounce has been taken off the air effective December 2007. Sure, I wasn’t listening to it every night or anything, but this is almost as sad as when Classick Material got cancelled, just more abrupt. I mean, shit, how will I get my DJ Law fix!?!

For the time being anyways that’s no problem because I’ve got a couple more sets to post. I’ll try to throw up all the Project Bounce related stuff I can in upcoming posts as tribute to this legendary Toronto hip hop institution.

Oh yeah, DJ Law is the shit.

Some people use the word funky too loosely
And just how many rappers said they kick it like Bruce Lee

dj_law-2006_07_11-partial.mp3 [ ]

  • ?? unknown – marley marl (“When he’s on the mix you should get involved”)
  • masta ace – the symphony part ii
  • masta ace incorporated – saturday nite live
  • fat joe – watch the sound
  • kool g rap and dj polo – on the run
  • ll cool j – pink cookies
  • leaders of the new school – sobb story
  • mobb deep – flavor for the non believes
  • king tee f alkaholiks – got it bad y’all
  • maestro fresh wes – certs wid out da retsyn (remix) canada-flag.gif
  • warren g – summertime in the lbc
  • lords of the underground – here come the lords
  • kmd – what a niggy know?
  • cypress hill – hits from the bong