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DJ O.S.U.M. was out of town for this one so S.O.S. does it solo. Here are three dope sets. (On another note, thanks to o.s.u.m. for identifiying a Kardinal track on another set.) For set 2, he spins some conscious/social tracks in light of Black Music Month. The Akir track Politriks is pretty heavy but doesn’t sound awful like you think a modern political hip hop track might, & the samples there are kinda scary. And Consequence’s “Job Song” got some pretty heavy rotation back in the summer of this year. A dope track. The one Toronto track, Wasun’s “Die Harder” is nice. I’d also never heard Intelligent Hoodlum’s self-titled track before (but tons of his other stuff), and it’s pretty rugged.

I got a letter from my brother, said the media confuse ya
The Army/Navy game was flippin corners from Fallujah
No proper armor when they move us, damn we trapped
Kurds, Shi’ites and Sunnis surround us in Iraq

How’d I get stuck in this dead-end job when I could rap
But of course my bill collectors they ain’t tryin to hear that
Matter fact they askin Dexter when I’m askin payback
On that long line of credit that they lent me way back
Way back, way back, at the turn of the century
The notice they sent to me is sayin essentially
If I don’t pay that balance off along with a extra fee
Penitentiary or criminal charges
Are probably soon to follow If you dare disregard this

Fuck a peace activist, we need to hold a piece
Fuck the pie, take the bakery and hold the lease

on_the_strength-2007_06_29-partial-set1.mp3 [ ]

  • the pharcyde – passin me by
  • outkast – git up, git out
  • smif-n-wessun – bucktown
  • black moon – how many mcs
  • mc shan – left me lonely
  • common – dooinit
  • [talk]

on_the_strength-2007_06_29-partial-set2.mp3 [ ]

  • sadat x – god is great
  • akir – politriks
  • common – real people
  • consequence – job song
  • jay dilla – fuck the police
  • ammoncontact f brother j – drum riders
  • dj spinna f alphonso greer – current events
  • wasun – die harder canada-flag.gif
  • nas – carry on tradition
  • az – i’m back
  • akir – the initiation
  • goodie mob – the experience

on_the_strength-2007_06_29-partial-set3.mp3 [ ]

  • tragedy the intelligent hoodlum – intelligent hoodlum
  • dead prez – police state
  • nas – second childhood (9th wonder remix)
  • talib kweli – happy home
  • large professor f nas – one plus one
  • the roots – don’t see us (madlib remix)
  • athletic mic league – the loveliest
  • jurassic 5 – a day at the races
  • ini – fakin jax (cookin soul remix)
  • [talk]
  • big daddy kane – any type of day
  • big daddy kane – ain’t no half steppin

I got an exam let’s see if y’all pass it
Let’s see who can quote a Daddy Kane line the fastest
Some of you new rappers I don’t understand your code
You have your man shoot you like in that Soprano episode


The rapidshare link on this page is ancient, and therefore dead. If you want any of these sets, mail me at fm416.mailbox at gmail and I’ll be happy to repost it when I can. Be sure to tell me which one!

Y’all wanna hear that beat right? Bring that beat back! Bring that shit back!

On The Strength is DJ O.S.U.M. (Old School Underground Music – pronounce – awesome), Fatski and DJ S.O.S. I don’t know much about these guys, since I really only discovered them this month or so. I’m pretty sure DJ O.S.U.M. did this show solo though. Check out their website at O.S.U.M. was being lazy that night and decided to play some old tapes he mixed years ago. No idea how old they really are, but they definitely weren’t done yesterday. All sorts of beats get thrown down in the spirit of the real mixtape. A sprinkling of reggae on both sets but mostly hip hop.

The second set is excellent – has a bunch of samples on there that will drive you nuts. Impossible to make playlists for these (but that’s a good thing – keeps the mystery intact). I love these kinds of mixes! I don’t hear them nearly often enough!

on_the_strength-2006_03_10-ckln_88.1fm-set1.mp3 [ ]

mobb deep – skit from ‘the infamous’ [on the strength remix]
de la soul f. common – the bizness [on the strength remix]
a tribe called quest – 1nce again
saukrates – father time
unknown (ragga/soca sounding)
method man – wings of the morning
unknown (more reggae)
busta rhymes – it’s a party
gina thompson f missy elliot – the things that you do
ll cool j f total – loungin’ (who do you love)
boogie down productions – love’s gonna get’cha (material love)
2pac – violent
diamond d – sally got a one track mind
boss – catch a bad one
extra prolific – brown sugar

on_the_strength-2006_03_10-ckln_88.1fm-set2.mp3 [ ]

unknown (old school hip hop electro mix, a popular joint on there but I can’t remember the name. Everyone has sampled it. If it helps he says “fresh” a lot :P)
unknown (more electro-hip hop. Email me if you can identify any of these.)

digable planets – 9th wonder [over ‘mc shan – the bridge’ amongst others]
mc shan – the bridge
unknown (more mixed electro hip hop, a bunch of familiar samples, goes into ’45 king – the 900 number’ briefly)
sugarhill gang – 8th wonder